Beading Kit, Digital INSTRUCTIONS ONLY, without beads. Right-Handed

Jacket sleeves: Couture Hand Bead Embroidery

You can use your own beads & fabric to make this project or purchase a Bead Pack


Size: 15cm (6”) deep x 26cm (10”) around x 2 sleeves

Skill Level: Beginners & Enthusiasts.

This is a hand bead embroidery project. (Using a needle)


If you want to create a sparkling beaded couture looking garment without knowing how to sew, or to do some upcycling to your wardrobe this is the project for you.

Hand Bead embroidery techniques with a needle are used to stitch beads to plain fabric in a design.


At a glance:

Fabric preparation for beading: Transferring pattern to fabric.

Hand Bead Embroidery: Starting and finishing techniques, Hand bead embroidery techniques



This beading is made specifically to apply to the sleeve hems of a ready-made jacket.

You will need a jacket made in a woven fabric. This beading is not suitable for stretch fabrics.

You begin by transferring the design to the fabric. This is done in a special way so that you can work on a finished garment. NO FRAME IS REQUIRED for this project; you hold the fabric soft in your hands for easy stitching. Learn starting and finishing techniques.

Create curved lines & shapes with vertical bugle bead stitching, accents in seed & bugle beads and clusters, jewel flowers, using the following couture hand bead embroidery techniques: whip stitch raised roping, centre seed bead anchor, single bead stitch, loop stitch, vertical bugle stitch.

You will bead onto a finished garment so when the beading is finished it is ready to wear.



  • Booklet: Finished project photo cover page, Design Pattern BW, Color Key, Instructions
  • Bead & Materials list:  description & quantities needed to complete this kit
  • How to transfer an embroidery design to fabric
  • Starting & finishing stitches.
  • Step by step instructions Hand Bead Embroidery techniques with diagrams & photos


How it works:

Step 1: Purchase, Digital INSTRUCTIONS ONLY beading kit, online: Download the online instruction booklet immediately & print in the comfort of your own home.


Step 2: USE YOUR OWN BEADS or IF YOU NEED BEADS: Purchase a corresponding BEAD PACK. 1 x Bead Pack (complete kit of beads, fabric & materials to complete the project) will be mailed to you. Shipping offered world-wide. Beads will arrive in 2-3 weeks postage permitting.


Jacket Sleeves: Beading Kit, Digital INSTRUCTIONS ONLY, without beads. Right han