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Beading Kit, Pattern & INSTRUCTIONS ONLY, without beads. Right-Handed

Applique Circle: Couture Hand Bead Embroidery


Download this online instruction booklet. Ready to use immediately in the comfort of your own home.



Colour: Ivory, Apricot & AB

Size: 7cm x 7cm (2 3/4” x 2 3/4”)

Skill Level: Beginners & Enthusiasts.

This is a hand bead embroidery project. (Using a needle)


If you want to create sparkling beaded pieces to customise dance costumes, bridal gowns, formal dresses, evening wear & millinery this is the class for you.

Hand Bead embroidery techniques with a needle are used to stitch beads to plain fabric in a design.

Appliques are great to use and recycle.



  • Booklet: Finished project photo cover page, Design Pattern BW, Color Key
  • Bead & Materials list:  description & quantities needed to complete this kit
  • How to transfer an embroidery design to fabric
  • Starting & finishing stitches.
  • Step by step instructions Hand Bead Embroidery techniques with diagrams & photos


You will need to have:

  • 1 x 20cm (8”) round embroidery hoop with inner hoop bound with poly cotton bias binding
  • 1 x quick grip clamp 15” Irwin brand
  • 2 x quick grip clamp 15” Irwin brand



  • transferring the design to fabric,
  • how to put fabric in an embroidery hoop for beading,
  • Starting and finishing techniques.
  • Using a needle create circles in crystals, sequins and beads,
  • Couture hand bead embroidery techniques: raised whip stitch, single seed bead anchor, loop stitch, whip stitch sequin rope work and single bead stitch.
  • Finish the bead embroidered piece into an applique that you can stitch to any garment or accessory.

Applique circle. Beading Kit: Digital INSTRUCTIONS ONLY No bead Right handed

  • These Beading DIGITAL Instruction Kits & Bead Packs have been exclusively designed by Karen Torrisi. Designs, photos & instructions are the intellectual property of Karen Torrisi and are not to be reproduced or used as teaching material without prior permission of Karen Torrisi. We supply the highest quality of beads and materials in our kits.

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