Beading Kit, Digital INSTRUCTIONS ONLY, without beads. Left-Handed

Autumn Leaves: Couture Hand Bead Embroidery

You can use your own beads & fabric to make this project or purchase a Bead Pack

Colour: Copper, rose gold, gold & olive green

Size: 12cm x 22cm (4 3/4” x 8 3/4”)

Skill Level: Beginners & Enthusiasts.

This is a hand bead embroidery project. (Using a needle)


Explore mixed media art embroidery with this sumptuous Autumn leaves project piece. If you want to create sparkling beaded pieces to add to clothing or frame as artwork this is the class for you.

Hand Bead embroidery & thread embroidery techniques with a needle are used to stitch beads to plain fabric in a design.


At a glance:

Fabric preparation for beading: Transferring pattern to fabric. Dressing a frame.

Hand Bead Embroidery: Starting and finishing techniques, Hand bead embroidery techniques & thread embroidery techniques.



You begin transferring the design to fabric, learn how to put fabric on a roller bar or slate frame for embroidery, Starting and finishing techniques. Next create embroidered leaves with thread create curves in crystals, sequins and beads, using the following Couture hand bead embroidery techniques: raised whip stitch, single seed bead anchor, loop stitch, whip stitch sequin ropework and single bead stitch, running stitch, raised herringbone stitch.

Finally, stitch convert your finished bead embroidered piece into cuffs for a garment or frame as an artwork.



  • Booklet: Finished project photo cover page, Design Pattern BW, Color Key, Instructions
  • Bead & Materials list:  description & quantities needed to complete this kit
  • How to transfer an embroidery design to fabric
  • How to put fabric onto a roller bar or slate frame.
  • Starting & finishing stitches.
  • Step by step instructions Hand Bead Embroidery techniques with diagrams & photos


How it works:

Step 1: Purchase, Digital INSTRUCTIONS ONLY beading kit, online: Download the online instruction booklet immediately & print in the comfort of your own home.


Step 2: USE YOUR OWN BEADS or IF YOU NEED BEADS: Purchase a corresponding BEAD PACK. 1 x Bead Pack (complete kit of beads, fabric & materials to complete the project) will be mailed to you. Shipping offered world-wide. Beads will arrive in 2-3 weeks postage permitting.

Autumn Leaves: Beading Kit, Digital INSTRUCTIONS ONLY, No beads.Left Handed