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BEAD PACK ONLY with Beads & fabric. 

Art Deco Pocket: Couture Hand Bead Embroidery

NO INSTRUCTIONS OR DESIGN INCLUDED. Purchase Digital Instructions Kit separately.

Colour: Light pink, silk white, Silver & AB

Size: 11cm x 11cm (4 1/2” x 4 1/2”)

Skill Level: Beginners & Enthusiasts. This is a hand bead embroidery project. (with a needle)


Create this beautiful mixed embroidery piece. Work with glittering metallic thread, shimmering beads and luscious glass pearls.

Hand Bead embroidery chain stitch technique is used to stitch metallic thread as decorative stitching & attach beads to plain fabric in a design.


At a glance:

Fabric preparation for beading: Putting fabric onto a frame. Transferring pattern to fabric.

Hand Bead Embroidery: Pattern, colour key, bead list, order of embroidery to guide you through making this project.



You begin with how to put fabric onto a frame, then how to transfer the design to fabric.

Next using the chain stitch create outlines and decorative stitching as a background to the piece.

Continue attaching Bugle beads, seed beads & gradated glass pearls using running stitch & back stitch.

Finally stitch convert your finished bead embroidered piece into a pocket that you can stitch to any garment or make a needle case accessory.



  • Materials: all beads needed to complete this kit
  • Needles: Beading Needles size 10
  • Fabric: 1 piece of silk organza fabric
  • madeira metallic thread silver


You will need to supply:

  • 1 x 18” x 16” min roller bar / slate frame
  • 2 x meters x 3cm cotton webbing for side lacings
  • 2 x quick grip clamp 15” Irwin brand
  • Polyester thread Col: ivory


How it works:

Purchase this bead pack and instructions only kits separately

Step 1: Purchase, INSTRUCTIONS ONLY beading kit, online: Download the online instruction booklet immediately & print in the comfort of your own home.


Step 2: Purchase this BEAD PACK. 1 x Bead Pack (complete kit of beads, fabric & materials to complete the project) will be mailed to you. Shipping offered world-wide. Beads will arrive in 2-3 weeks postage permitting.

Art Deco Pocket: BEAD PACK ONLY with Beads & fabric

Color: pink
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  • These Beading Instruction Kits & Bead Packs have been exclusively designed by Karen Torrisi. Designs, photos & instructions are the intellectual property of Karen Torrisi and are not to be reproduced or used as teaching material without prior permission of Karen Torrisi.We supply the highest quality of beads and materials in our kits.

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